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Bolivia - Lake Titicaca, Island of the Sun & Tiahuanaco
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with 5 star Radisson Plaza

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Puno & Lake Titicaca, Peru

Jeff Waugh
Genesis of the Andean Culture

You will appreciate and understand why the Andean cultures of Bolivia and Peru established their civilizations around Lake Titicaca. The area is so rich in agricultural production that it has never suffered problems of food supply. The Mediterranean microclimate with the addition of a constant supply of fresh water from Andean glaciers were (and still are) the main reason for the successful development of advanced pre-Colombian cultures surrounding Lake Titicaca.

La Paz, Lake Titicaca and Tiahuanaco Ruins
DAY 1 
Transfer in. Private transportation from El Alto International airport to the 5 star Radisson Hotel.  

DAY 2  (B)


Early departure from your hotel for a visit to the ruins of Tiahuanaco located an hour and half from the city. Tiahuanaco is best known for the Gate of the Sun and it also includes large ceremonial complexes and an underground temple. This expansive archaeological site is provides the visitor with an amazingly rich experience. 

One of the oldest American cultures (1580 BC to 1150 AC), considered the cradle of the American man and one of the most advanced cultures in those days. Visit the temple of Kalasasaya, the Gate of the Sun, monoliths Ponce and Fraile, the Akapana pyramid and the semi-underground temple.   

Jeff Waugh
Guardian of Tiahuanaco


The 4 hour City Tour of La Paz includes the area of the street markets, rich in handicrafts, weavings and witchcraft artifacts.  

At more than 12,000 feet, La Paz is the highest capital in the world. We will take a short tour of the city, and especially the famous Witches Market. La Paz is a marvelous city - a market on top of a market on top of a market, with shops, stalls, and indigenous people hawking their wares in front of the stalls. Then the colonial part of the city, San Francisco church, Gold Museum, Murillo Square and the outdoor replica of the Tiahuanaco temple.  

La Paz, Bolivia
Jeff Waugh
La Paz from the Radisson Plaza Hotel

We will also take a short drive from the city to the fabulous Valley of the Moon with its lunar-like landscape and return to the hotel in time for a relaxing evening. 

The original inhabitants of the city were Aymara gold and silversmiths, although Alonzo de Mendoza claimed to have founded it in 1548. The lure of the city, of course, was its gold, found in the Rio Choqueyapu. Here the inhabitants found themselves somewhat protected from the inhospitable Altiplano weather. The city also enjoyed the benefit of being on the main trade route between Potosi and Lima. 

These incredible pre-Incan ruins are currently being excavated by a team of North American and Bolivian archaeologists. New discoveries are being made almost daily. 

DAY 3 (B & L)

Bus trip at 6:00 am from La Paz to Chua, a port on the shore of LakeTiticaca, where you board the Catamaran towards the Island of the Sun. Considered the cradle of the Inca Empire, to see the water of the Eternal Youth and visit a site museum. Then cruise to Copacabana, the main religious center of Bolivia, with the famous Dark Virgin of Copacabana, set in a great colonial cathedral. The cruise on the Catamaran is slow and comfortable to enjoy the enchantment of the lake, lunch on board.  Return to La Paz by bus, arriving around 6:00 pm.

DAY 4 (B)


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