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Peru - Chan Chan and the Lord of Sipan
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3 day / 2 night - Private Tour
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Chan Chan was the cultural centre  and capital of the ancient and amazing Chimu civilization of northern Peru. When it reached it's peak in the 15th Century, it was the largest city in pre-Colombian America and throughout the world. Soon after, it was conquered by the Incas and then by the Spanish Conquistadores. 

Sipan Mask courtesy 
Red Cientifica Peruana
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Chan Chan

World Heritage Site

The Lord of Sipan is considered to be one of the richest archaeological discoveries in the Americas!

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Day 1 Lima - Chiclayo
Arrival, reception and transfer to selected hotel.
Visit the Tomb of the Lord of Sipan. Between 1987 and 1988 the tomb was discovered by the Peruvian archaeologist, Dr. Walter Alva, and he is still in charge of its protection and study. There he found the intact remains of a dignitary, or Lord, of the hierarchy belonging to the Moche Culture. Lunch at local restaurant. Afternoon visit the Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum and the Valley of 26 pyramids of Tucume.

One of Peru's newest museum the Royal Tombs of Sipan opened in November 2002 to display one of the world's greatest exhibits of historical treasures. The ancient Peruvian ruler The Lord of Sipan has been described as the "Tutankhamen of the Americas" due to the splendor of the artifacts included in his tomb. Archeologist Walter Alva discovered the Lord of Sipan in 1987 and until now the remains of the ruler of the Moche civilization, and ornate pieces including earrings, headpieces and armor made of gold, silver copper and clay from his and other tombs, have only been seen in temporary shows but never in a permanent site. The new Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum in the northern town of Lambayeque is shaped like a Moche pyramid with fiberglass bricks resembling the original site and no windows, to protect its 1,500 precious pieces from damage.

Day 2 Chiclayo - Trujillo
Breakfast. Transfer to Trujillo (3.5 hours). On the way you will visit the archaeological site El Brujo. This important Mochica Complex has an area of 2 square kilometers. The discoveries include reliefs that represent scenes of the magical and religious world of the Mochicas.


Pm. Visit Chan Chan. The well planned metropolis of Chan Chan, the ancient capital of the Chimu Empire, was built entirely of mud and adobe bricks. A stop is made at Huaca Dragon (4 kilometers north of Trujillo) to visit this restored, pyramidal, adobe temple consecrated to the rainbow, with beautiful base reliefs and a small archaeological museum.

The ancient city of Chan Chan
Jeff Waugh
The ancient city of Chan Chan is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Peruvian national treasure...

Finally visit Huanchaco, it is a picturesque fishing cove where one can find the ancient craft that appeared on Mochica pottery and on friezes at Chan Chan: the caballitos de totora, rafts woven from the totora reed in an art that has been handed down over generations.

Day 3 Trujillo - Chiclayo
Breakfast. Visit the city founded in 1534 where you will see a Cathedral from 1647 and beautiful colonial houses with their typical balconies and patios.
After touring the city, we will visit the Casinelli Museum, that exhibits valuable artifacts (unique of their kind ) of different northern civilizations such as Recuay, Chavin, Moche, Chimu.
Pm. Transfer to the airport.



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