One of the best approaches to keep your trees healthy, strong, and looking their best is to prune them. Getting rid of diseased, overgrown, or dead branches and stems lowers the risk of infestation from pests and diseases. It also enables healthy growth.  

When properly done, almost every tree will benefit from routine pruning. Unfortunately, it can cause deformity if pruning isn’t done properly. It can also lower the vitality and health of your tree as well as weaken its structural integrity.  

That’s why you need to know several basic things when pruning a tree. If you’re planning to perform a tree trimming in Chandler, here are things you should know: 

When Should You Hire a Professional? 

Tree pruning can still be extremely risky. It does not matter if you’ve got all the tools and tips. It is particularly risky when pruning big trees or in cases where there may be buildings, power lines, or other services in the area. On these occasions, it is best to leave the job to an expert. They’ve got all the experience, tools, and knowledge required to deal with a complicated and dangerous tree. Of course, you do not want to damage your property or home. You also do not want to put your life in danger. Thus, you should not take the risk. Call your local tree trimming company who will properly trim the tree and improve its strength and health for years to come. 

The Basics of Tree Pruning 

Keep in mind that it is virtually always a case of less is more when it comes to pruning. You should have a good look at the tree before you make any cuts. You need to know what exactly you want to obtain. Inspect the area for anything you have to avoid and create cuts properly. You can begin with any diseased, broken, or dead branches first by cutting them back to a strong lateral branch or the point of origin. After it is done, check the tree again before creating more cuts. Unnecessary and excessive pruning can weaken and damage the tree.  

Tree Pruning Tools You Need to Have 

It is crucial that you’ve got the right tools for the task if you have a minor tree pruning job you believe you can tackle. Having the right tools will help you prevent damaging the tree.  

Here are several tools you need to have: 

  • The right protective clothing such as pants and a long-sleeved shirt 
  • Safety glasses 
  • High-quality gardening gloves 
  • Hedge shears 
  • Lopper or pole pruner for high branches 
  • A high-quality pair of sharp secateurs for minor branches 
  • A high-quality and sharp handsaw 

It is advised to not use a chainsaw if you aren’t an arborist. Chainsaws are extremely risky. They need specialized clothing for safe use. In addition to that, only professionals should handle it.  

Furthermore, you’ve got to ensure you take great care of your tools. You need to regularly clean them to avoid spreading diseases from one tree to another when trimming a tree. Make sure you sharpen them as well before you make any cuts.  

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