The thing that offers the first impression is the exterior of your home. One of the first things that will draw people in will be how your house looked from the outside. This includes the front door, the color of the walls, the landscaping, and much more.  

Another thing that affects the exterior of your house is the paint you choose. It serves a couple of purposes. Aside from making your home appealing, the paint also protects your home from natural elements.  

So, if you’re planning to hire house painters Glendale to paint your home’s exterior, you should know several things first. This includes: 

What Type of Cleaning is Needed for Exterior Home Painting? 

You must conduct a comprehensive cleaning of the exterior surface before you apply it with a new coat of paint. You have to ensure all mildew, dust, and dirt are properly removed and well-cleaned to prepare the surface. This will allow the paint to stick properly. Pay close attention when cleaning the grooves, under the cornices, around the windows and doors, and corners. Mildew and mold may nestle deep in these areas.  

The first thing you’ve got to do is to get rid of cobwebs and loose dust using a dry cloth, brooms, and dusters. Next, use detergent and water to clean the surface thoroughly.  

How to Choose Exterior Paint Finishes 

The best for exterior paints is a matt finish. The reason for this is that they’ve got to face the roughness of all-natural elements, along with grime, dirt, and dust. Low and flat sheen finishes are best since they do not highlight the imperfections of the surface. For accents and trims, it’s preferable to use higher sheen finishes because they add life to the exterior paint by producing breaks. Pick a finish that will fit your budget, the surroundings, and the texture of the wall. 

How to Estimate the Quantity of the Paint? 

First, you’ve got to properly calculate the surface area of your home’s exterior if you want to know the quantity of paint you will require. To give you an estimate of the required paint quantity, you have to divide the surface area you’ll paint by the average coverage rate of the paint. It is always ideal to purchase a little more than the estimate so that you do not run the risk of running out of paint at the last moment. The reason for this is that there’s a possibility that the shade may not match if you buy a new one.  

How to Choose Exterior Paint 

You can reflect your choice, style, and personality with the exterior paint color you choose. You’ve got to ensure you know what paint can protect your home while offering it a stylish finish and an attractive appearance. You shouldn’t hurry when selecting the color. You need to do your research. Also, consider the location’s climate when choosing the color. Keep in mind that darker colors will keep your home warm in cold months and lighter shades will keep your home cool in summer.  

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